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Dave and Mark purchased Two Thumb in 2017 after a night on the town.  The story says they were drinking Two Thumb beer in a bar and casually commented that if this brewery ever came up for sale, they should buy it. The very next week it did exactly that... so they did.


We still run that original brewery kit at our Manchester Street site, and it will be familiar to those people that remember the pre-quake iconic venue, Dux de Lux. The laid-back atmosphere of our original home continues to be a local favourite.


Fast forward a few years, Two Thumb has been joined by third owner Andy and has opened its doors to a new state-of-the-art brewery and bar here on Colombo Street.


The brewery is largely solar-powered and features cutting-edge eco-friendly technology.​We are dog friendly so bring your puppy down and enjoy.


Our focus has always been good beer and good times, and we want to keep it that way.  Two Thumb beers are batch brewed by hand and show off the wonderful flavours and aromas of the locally sourced malts and hops.​

Locations & Contact



+64 210 837 7539

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